Labour Day 2023

Labour Day is the first Monday in September; this day was made a Canada Wide Statutory holiday in 1894. The history of this day goes back to the First “workers rally” during the Victorian time. There were Speeches, games, picnics, and parades.

The holiday was to show solidarity and give a sense of belonging to the working class during a time of industrialization. The unions have contributed so much to our way of living, creating a 40-hour work week, the right to fair wages, safe working conditions, the creation of WSIB and so much more.

Unfortunately, since the Second World War, less and less people participate in the labour day festivities and the origins and meaning are being forgotten by so many.  It has become a day off work and that is all, but there are still parades and activities happening.

The IAM encourages you to bring family and friends to watch or participate in your local parades and activities and to teach those around you about the meaning and history of the day, and of the union.

See link below for an event near you.

Labour Day Events 2023 | Canadian Labour Congress

Remember to send pics of IAM members participating in events across the country

Note: This is an evolving list. Please check event websites for full details.
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