OPCM- June 2-4

The event opened by executive President Carol Edgar

David Chartrand GVP Canada spoke, “so proud of the diversity in this room! So many women here this weekend!”

Gord Falconer spoke on turn out at lobby day and the political achievements for the IAM. We may not be the largest Union in the CLC but we have the largest delegate numbers every year at Lobby Day!

Committee of the Future- 21 reps across all the territories. We are travelling around to meet with all the different areas to hear from our members! Without you we won’t know what changes need to be made!

Elections for the new OPCM executive were held. All positions Filled.

Heather Kelley said “you don’t need to know everything, but you need to know a few things. If everyone knows a little bit then we know a lot together, that’s how the union works.”

Sharon Lupton (United Way) spoke on Human trafficking here in Ontario, across Canada and the world! It’s so important for everyone to be aware of the signs and be alert. Children don’t need to be taken to be trafficked, it could be happening at a “party” and then they come.

Derek Ferguson spoke on the IAMs participation in political actions and getting our members more involved on a local level. The importance of getting in touch with local MMP and MP to tell them what the issues you are facing at work and in life.

First Time Delegates

Jennifer French NDP MPP for Oshawa since 2014 spoke about her support of the union and asked for anything she could take to parliament for us. Several members got up and commented including David Chartrand and Gord Falconer

Heather Erlen brought greetings from the Canadian Labour Congress and about the importance of the labour movement here in Ontario and in Canada, encouraging members to get involved with their local labour councils.

Ivana Saula spoke about the LEADS program- empowering women in the IAM, providing mentorship- regular online meeting groups/circles. Shadowing position within the union. 

There is also a program for men. Called Be More than a Bystander- this is run by men for men- helps them realize what it means to be a female ally in a male dominated workplace.

They are looking into creating a program for People of Colour specific to the challenges our members face.

Ivana also spoke on the importance of Women’s committees and that it isn’t just about fundraising and bake sales, they can help with organizing and political action.

Natalie Nehra (Executive Director Ontario Health Coalition) spoke on what is happening here in Ontario to our health care system and why its so important for people to stand up against the privatization.

 Gary Hynes spoke of the importance of mentoring and training our successors. Shadowing the different positions within the executive and other positions within the union.

Rootisha Rampat spoke on Organizing and how leads are found and the importance of them. She showed several videos of members who had shared leads and how they got them. When something good happens you tell people, so when you have a good experience with your union, share that and get people involved because it could give you a lead.

Host Committee Speech

Saturday night was dinner and a show at the Herongate Barn and Theatre. A hidden gem just outside the City. Beautiful landscapes and good food. Lots of laughs for our members at the show.