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The Executive of the OPCM 2013 to 2016

2013 OPCM ExecLeft to Right:
Brian Wilson, Kim Valliere, Ernie Giroux, Dave Thompson,
Pauline Pegnam, 
Heather Kelley, Roy Bhansingh, Ken Atterbury,
Rob Elliott, Rick Sansom, Manny Cresencia.

The Executive:

Sister Kim Valliere –  President, LL 2330
Sister Pauline Pegnam –  Secretary/ Treasurer, LL 1922
Brother Rob Elliott –  Education Coordinator, LL 2330
Brother Ernie Giroux-  Communications  Coordinator, LL 2412
Sister Heather Kelley –  Human Rights Coordinator, L/L 171
Brother Rick Sansom –  Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator, LL 717T
Brother Brian Wilson  –  Legislative Committee, LL 2323
Brother Manny Cresencia –  Retired Members Coordinator, LL 717T (Retired)

Area 1 – Brother Glen Annette, LL 103
Area 2 – Brother Roy Bhansingh, LL 1922
Area 3 – Broyher Kevin Scharf, LL 412
Area 4 – Brother Dave Thompson, LL 905
Area 5 – Brother Ken Atterbury, LL 1975
Area 6 – Brother Stan Theofilaktidis, LL 2413 (Federal)

Carol Edgar, LL 386
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