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22 thoughts on “Welcome to the OPCM Website

  • “Great job” Manny, nice website.

  • Thanks Kim

  • Lets see if we can get some traffic on this site. We need to organize, anyone know some people that would like to talk Union

  • I just heard that Stevensville Lawn Care was organized but not sure by who

  • I understand the next OPCM convention will be held May 27-29, 2011 in Oshawa. We should have this listed under events

  • Heather Kelley

    I checked on this it was Intl Labourer’s Union but they pulled before the vote. The Employer was giving everyone a hard time.

  • nice updates Manny, the posters look great. Thanks

  • Heather Kelley

    There are a couple of rally’s happening in Toronto at Queens Park. March 31 Anti – Scab Rally and April 9th 1 pm Support Public Services

  • Heather Kelley

    Lets get people out to support the Anti Scab rally on March 31 and the fight against privatizing the public sector March 9th. See the posters under events section.

  • Heather Kelley

    Looks like a Federal and a Provincial Election this year. Get your questions ready for the candidates. We need to make sure the working class and unemployed play a major role in both

  • Bill Shipman

    Some time ago (years in fact) we discussed having an operating “Job Board” on our page for all field Reps. (or any staff for that matter) who had employment opportunities in their area. It would likely require a member access with password and maybe that is too complicated and that is why it never got off the ground. God knows that there aren’t a lot of places hiring these days but when it does happen, I even have employers asking me for that type of service. “Where do we go to find qualified people? – Trades people or not” An OPCM job board on our site could serve as avaluable asset for Reps, employers and most of all members.

  • machinist wanted

    5 -10 years experience an asset
    full benefits, dental
    full time with some overtime expected
    email resume for interview appt
    thank you

  • Rick Sansom

    Orenda Mississauga Job Postings December 20th 2011

    Quality Specialist
    Engine Assembler “B”
    Jet Engine Technician located at CFB Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
    Inspector, Engine B

  • Heather Kelley

    Days of Action coming are we ready

  • Heather Kelley

    Machinists endorse Paul Dewar for NDP leadership. Have you voted yet!!

  • Heather Kelley

    Labour Day coming up anyone going to the parade in Toronto this year??

  • Heather Kelley

    RALLY Janurary 26th, 2013 Allen Gardens Toronto Be there to speak up for workers rights!!!!!!

  • kim valliere

    Political action coference March 22/13 Shereton Toronto contact your local, make sure your local is represented there.

  • Heather Kelley

    March 4 SOS Cross-Province Day of Action
    All across Ontario hundreds of hospital beds are being closed down,patients are lined up on stretchers in hallways, local services are being
    cut and moved out of town, outpatient clinics are being privatized and home care and nursing home placements are severely rationed forcing many to wait a long time, pay for private care or go without.* It doesn’t have to be
    this way.* Together, we can save our services by fighting back against the cutbacks. On March 4, communities across Ontario will hold a Day of Action to stand up against the cuts and to show support for their local hospitals
    and health care services.
    Visit your local health care coalition to find an event near you

  • Heather Kelley

    Feb 28/2013 The Provincial Women’s Access to Trades Network (PWATN) is a collaboration of organizations dedicated to accelerating women’s participation in non traditional trades in order to increase women’s access to good jobs and decrease their risk of poverty.
    Conference being held in Hamilton

  • Heather Kelley

    What kind of Ontario do you want – Let’s start a conversation

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